Aloe Love drink

At Modello Group, we pride ourselves in making products that add value to the modern lifestyles of our consumers. Our product range includes Aloe Love drink and Aloe Love Iced Tea. The production facilities are based in tropical South East Asia which is an area well known for its vast aloe plantations. Our products are always produced with the most fresh cut leafs which are then carefully processed in order to produce our top quality drinks. Modello Group Aloe Love, was the first drink of its kind to be introduced in the Greek market and remains the market leader. Currently it sold in many European countries as well as in the U.S.A. Our list of Aloe Love-based products includes Aloe Vera Strawberry, Aloe Vera Lime, Aloe Vera Melon, Aloe Vera Apple and Aloe Vera Watermelon. Aloe Love drinks produced without preservatives or colors and contain 30% natural aloe vera juice and 30% natural aloe vera pulp.

Apple Flavor


Melon Flavor

Strawberry Flavor